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Services provided by Web3.0 new blockchain technology

InitVerse is a decentralized cloud network based on blockchain technology. In this network, cloud service providers play the role of providing servers that meet official conditions to InitVerse. These servers need to be verified by a validator before they can join the InitVerse network. This decentralized architecture makes the InitVerse network more secure and reliable because no single entity controls the entire network. In addition to being a server provider, cloud service providers can also mine blocks through the InitVerse client. During the mining process, cloud service providers can choose to pledge tokens, which can increase the chance of successful mining. The number of pledged tokens is proportional to the probability of successful mining, which can motivate cloud service providers to make more contributions to the InitVerse network.

Decentralized cloud server

Moving away from computing resources owned and operated by cloud companies, to a decentralized network of cloud providers running community-developed development software.

Ini Token

Ini is a protocol pass, its blockchain runs on a new proof mechanism called "POR", and its blocks jointly create service providers and validators.​

Core Advantages

Through the InitVerse protocol, these resources are gathered to form a decentralized cloud platform that anyone in the world can use.

Efficient, cheap and safe

Customers can efficiently, cheaply and safely deploy any program they want to deploy.

Diversified and scalable

InitVerse also integrates evm to provide more diverse and scalable basic support for decentralized cloud platforms.

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InitVerse is the necessary infrastructure for the decentralized cloud server platform Web3.0.

Possess the latest blockchain technology in the market (K8s technology, distributed storage, data encryption and privacy protection, incentive mechanism, resource scheduling and optimization, cross-chain interoperability, opener tools and ecosystem) and a professional team.

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A blockchain-based decentralized Internet reduces dependence on traditional Internet companies;

Decentralization + blockchain technology + token-based economics

Years of blockchain technology + blockchain professional team

Create efficient, cheap, secure, diversified and scalable new blockchain services for customers.

The Ini protocol provides safe, efficient, and cheap services by coordinating service provider resources, among which: (1) users pay tokens for using cloud resources, (2) validators earn tokens by providing POR proofs, (3) cloud services Providers earn tokens by providing cloud resources and pledged tokens, and (4) auditors earn community reward tokens by auditing cloud service providers.

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